Tutor Him Lesson #TH020

Scene Title: Extra Credit For This Pupil

Release Date: June 1st, 2020

Models: Lane Axton, Anastasia Rose


Anastasia Rose is always punctual, arriving early to Lane Axton's dormitory for tutoring! It's a good thing she's early, because she's going to give him a little extra attention! It's hard for Anastasia being pent up on her side of the campus, so when she gets permission to go into the boy's dorm, she just can't help herself! She rubs up against Lane, getting him to take his shirt off and show her all his muscles! Pulling Lane's pants off, to release his tension, Anastasia spits on his dick and starts rubbing him. There's no use trying to study all tensed up! Anastasia knows what Lane needs to focus... some relaxation. Anastasia can't help but take a little taste of Lane's big cock! She starts sucking the tip of his dick, and licking his shaft as he moans in pleasure! All lubed up, Anastasia sucks the tip of his dick while he cums right in her mouth! Are you ready to watch this tutor take Lane's cum?

Tags: CFNM, Breast Play, Handjob



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