Tutor Him Lesson #TH023

Scene Title: She Likes To Corrupt Her Boys

Release Date: May 1st, 2020

Models: Sadie Holmes, Simon


Having a hard time passing math, and needs a little extra help. He enlists the help of femaleName, but she's giving him a harder time than the math! As femaleName rubs up against maleName, he gets harder and harder, nearly busting out of his tight jeans! femaleName came prepared, sporting a pocket-sized lube bottle for this teen boy's big, thick cock! He leans back as she teases his dick, squeezing the shaft between her fingers and stroking up-and-down. She squeezes a bit firmer, letting him leak out pre-cum as she manipulates his dick. It's not long before this school boy is spread out, completely naked, getting a full-on handjob from his tutor! Rubbing his balls against the palm of her hands as she strokes the tip and he moans out in pure ecstacy. Do you want to see maleName cum all over his tutor's tits?

Tags: Ball Play, Big Cum Shot, Breast Out, Breast Play, Brunette Girl, Cum on Breast, Daisy Duke Short Shorts, Hand Job, Living Room, Long Haired Girl, Oral Teasing, Small Tits



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