Tutor Him Lesson #TH040

Scene Title: She Treats Her Pupils Right

Release Date: July 1st, 2020

Models: Kiki Klout, Rafa


Miss Kiki's student is running late to his tutoring session and when he finally arrives, she can't help but pull him inside. Rafa has been having problems with math all year despite all the tutoring his parents have been sending him to. Miss Kiki decides to take a different approach. First she makes sure her pupil is nice and comfortable and takes his shirt right off revealing his 6 pack and young hot body. She can't help but run her fingers all over his body and within a few minutes she is taking off his underwear getting ready to relax him.

As she starts to stroke his young cock, he immediately gets a raging boner and loves the attention Miss Kiki is giving him, he has never had a tutor give him attention like this before and can't believe his parents picked her to tutor him! Slowly her hands work up and down his cock so smoothly that they are already talking about the next session they will have. She falls in love with his cock and loves the feelings she is giving him. It seems like he has managed to get that pesky math test off his mind and finally relaxes as he enjoys himself with his new tutor.

She keeps at it caressing his body and holding him in between her legs and cradling him all the while whispering motivation into his ear and stroking his rock hard cock. It almost seems as if she is enjoying the tutoring session more than her pupil and right as he is about to cum she really picks up the pace and jerks him so hard and fast that he cums all over himself. She gives him an A+++ for today’s session and she can't wait for him to come back next week for a follow up session with his sex ed homework!

Tags: Ball Play, Big Tits, Brunette Girl, CFNM, Cradling, Cum On Self, Hand Job, Latina, Living Room, Tattoo Inked Boy



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