Tutor Him Lesson #TH027

Scene Title: Shy Boys Are Easy

Release Date: July 15th, 2020

Models: Reagan Lush


Reagan Lush is expecting her student, Alexander, to join her in her apartment for a little assistance with Spanish. Frustrated with his inability to focus, she decides he needs a little relaxation to get focused. Alexander's hesitant at first, not wanting to get caught sleeping with the tutor, but Reagan talks him into it after a bit of persuasion. Taking his shirt off, she rubs his body and moves her hands gently across his muscles.This schoolboy is the definition of shy, and loosening him up is a real workout for Reagan. She undoes his pants, and slides them down, exposing his fully erect dick through his underwear. Reagan knows what will help him study better, for sure! Pulling his underwear down, she exposes his big dick! Grabbing his dick, she gets a close-up look, almost touching her face to his cock as she plays with his balls. She's going to drain this boy with the best handjob he's ever had! Clothed, his tutor pushes her ass into his mouth, rubbing the fabric of her tight, short-cut jean shorts against his lips as she teases his cock. Buy now to watch Alexander's cumshot!

Tags: Ball Play, Big Cum Shot, Blonde Girl, CFNM, Cum On Self, Daisy Duke Short Shorts, Handjob, Oral Teasing, Short Haired Girl, Six Pack, Tattoo Inked Girl



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