Tutor Him Lesson #TH010

Scene Title: Hot For Teacher

Release Date: January 15th, 2020

Models: Miss Pixie, Tally Stark


Tally Stark isn't looking for a tutor, he just wants the answers. Miss Pixie's got the answers, but knows he won't pass the exam that way. She's got a little something else in store for Mr. Stark! Miss Pixie gives Tally a full rub down, caressing his body as she tells him to strip for her. She wants to see every bit of his slim, tattoo'd body. She grabs ahold of his dick, and begins stroking him from behind as he sits in her spread legs. Tally's dick is dripping pre-cum as Pixie grabs him, rotating her hand around the shaft of his dick. This young college guy lays back in the couch, feet-up on the ottoman, as he lets his naughty tutor give him a handjob! Playing with her titties, he tenses up a bit more as she moves her hand up and down the shaft of his dick. Breathing heavier, he begins to give her the cumshot she was looking for!

Tags: Ball Play, Big Cum Shot, Breast Out, Cum On Self, Hand Job, Living Room, Nipple Sucking, Red Head Girl, Short Haired Girl, Small Tits, Tattoo Inked Boy



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