Tutor Him#039

Scene Title: Nervous Pupil Gets A Handy

Release Date: September 15th, 2021

Model(s): Ethan Long, Kiki Klout


Ethan has been struggling lately in his biology class so he reached out to Kiki to come tutor him. Kiki comes in and they get to chatting about what Ethan is struggling on and it seems Ethan left his books in the other room. Ethan went to go get them but Kiki stopped him in his tracks and told him they don't need them. Kiki seen this as a oportunity to do things her way. She starts listing off body parts to tease Ethan a bit and lead him straight to where she wants him. When Kiki gets into Ethan's pants, within seconds he has a full hard on. It seems Ethan's last name suits him well. Kiki starts stroking his long hard cock and follows up with some lube she brought with her. She then has him stand up and take his clothes off to get more comfortable. As the time passes you can see Kiki's sexual frustration is getting to her because she wants this teen to cum. Ethan was a bit nervous and couldn't cum so Kiki asked him to finish himself as she watched.

Tags: Ball Play, Big Dick, Big Tits, Brunette Girl, CFNM, Cum On Self, Hand Job, Jerking Off, MILF

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