Tutor Him#041

Scene Title: Gettin' Some

Release Date: September 1st, 2021

Model(s): Jayden Mathews, Ava Parker


Jayden has had a few sessions with Ava in the past but none of them are like the one he's getting today. Jayden has a test coming up on WW2 and well, He's a bit stressed. Ava gets close to him and notices that. She has him lean back and starts to rub his crotch. You can see how nervous Jayden is, but Ava clears that right up for him. Ava has Jayden stand up and start to take his clothes off. Ava pulls out a bottle of lube and starts to rub it on his big cock. Jayden is one lucky guy to be in this situation, not all of Ava's students get this special treatment. We could all say Ava is pretty good at her job!

Tags: Ball Play, Big Dick, Brunette Girl, CFNM, Hand Job, Jerking Off, MILF

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