Tutor Him#029

Scene Title: Miss Jade Helps Him Out

Release Date: August 1st, 2021

Model(s): Jack Lowe, Maria Jade


Jack was having troubles with his math homework so he reached out to Maria from a tutoring service. Though he has no idea the type of service he was getting himself into. Maria knocks on the door & comes in. Introduces herself to Jack for the first time in person. Maria starts off by explain what PEMDAS mean as she puts her hand on his thigh and works it up to his crotch. Maria wasted no time. Jack got a little nervous and jumped, but went with it. Maria told Jack to take his shirt off and he immediately stands up, almost like he has dreamt of this moment. Maria takes his pants off, spits on his fat cock, and starts rubbing it. Maria is already in love with this teens cock. Once Jack is as hard as can be Maria has him sit down to relax a bit as she's trying relieve some of that stress he has. They get into a 69 position, putting Maria's ass in his face. She starts teasing him about sucking his cock as she's vigorously jerking his cock. Maria wants him to cum so bad. So she stands him back up as she gets on her knees so she can make that happen. A few moments goes by and Jack cums all over her face and chest. It seems they both got what they wanted at the end of the day.

Tags: Ball Play, Big Cum Shot, Big Dick, Brunette Girl, CFNM, Hand Job, MILF

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