Tutor Him#038

Scene Title: Tender Care Is A Must

Release Date: June 15th, 2021

Model(s): Kiki Klout, Mark Santana


Kiki Klout truly loves making sure her students are stress free. Mark was lucky enough to have Kiki as his tutor for his English lessons. Things started off well, Mark was catching onto things quickly. This turned Kiki on and she just couldn't help herself. Kiki started rubbing up on Mark and asked to take his pants off so she can do what she really came here to do. Immediately Mark is hard as a rock. Kiki starts working his cock and she could sense that he was already about to blow. So Kiki starts going at him with two hands and before ya know it Mark blows a load right in her hand. Kiki was surprised but wasn't done, she's going to make him cum again. She has Mark stand up and take his shirt off to put him in her favorite position. Kiki sure does love cradling these pupils, she's ready to finish the job. Eagerly stroking, Kiki is just as relieved as Mark. He cums all over her hand for a second time.

Tags: Ball Play, Big Tits, Brunette Girl, CFNM, Cradling, Cum On Self, Dining Room, MILF

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