Tutor Him Lesson #TH054

Scene Title: Never Felt So Good

Release Date: March 15th, 2021

Models: KG Bangz, Paris Knight


Miss Paris is back over KG Bangz house, helping him out with his psychology behavior. She knows that now is the time to start using her psy-ops on this pupil, she hasn't been helping him these past few weeks for nothing... She decides to make the first move by rubbing on his thigh and crotch as she watches his squirm and barely get his words in formidable sentences. He can barely keep it together as she makes him stand up and take his clothes off. She doesn't want to waste any more time, she takes his cock out and goes right to work. Before he knows it, he is rock hard and the last thing on his mind is that test. All he can think about is how wild what's happening to him is, he is infatuated with Miss Knight and can only seem to get mumbles and grunts out while he stares at her big huge tits and her soft hands all over his young hard cock. She can't wait to drain his balls and is spitting all over his cock, she lets him sit down and takes her tits out while he fondles and caresses them. She eventually lays him down and has him exploding his cum all over himself while he squirms in pleasure. She knew he was going to be a good pupil, all that grooming wasn't wasted.

Tags: Big Tits, Blonde Girl, CFNM, Hand Job, Jerking Off, MILF



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