Tutor Him Lesson #TH049

Scene Title: She Likes Those Bad Boys

Release Date: February 1st, 2021

Models: Hugh Depp, Miss Violet Rose


Hugh meets Miss Silas for the first time today and is in awe of how she looks when she shows up. Hopefully her slutty looks wont prevent him from focusing on his history homework. She attempts to go over some clues for him to remember the location of some countries in eastern Europe and tells him about her worldly travel. She can't help but notice that Hugh is sweating quite a bit and she plays it off like she doesn't know its her that's causing the sweating. Once she gets his shirt off she cant help but cares his young hot body and admire his tattoo that his parents just got him for his birthday. She gets him to relax with some soothe words and smoother hands, before he knows it he is in his boxers and nothing else on the couch while she strokes his cock. She gets his hard cock out and goes right to work stroking and squeezing that cock in her grips. She stands him up to get his full attention and boy does it work, coupled with all the dirty slutty words she's whispering in his ears. She lays him back down on the couch and cradles him in her lap like a good boy and gets what she came there for... An explosion in her hands. She knows she will be seeing him for a follow up very soon, and neither of them can wait!

Tags: Ball Play, Blonde Girl, CFNM, Cradling, Cum On Self, Hand Job, Small Tits, Tattoo Inked Boy



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