Tutor Him Lesson #TH028

Scene Title: Naughty Tutor Gets Him Off

Release Date: November 1st, 2020

Models: Chet Corbs, Maia Evon


Maia Evon is one dirty little slut, she can't seem to get enough of these boys young hard cocks, and the fact that they all keep letting her have her way with them makes it all the more sweeter, almost as sweet as their cum. She has been working on her master’s degree and she is almost finished paying off grad school but she knows when she becomes a teacher she's going to have even more boys to pick from.

Chet is one difficult student, he has been doing great at science and history, but just can’t seem to get math down pat, his parents have tried all the at home exercises, but they all failed. So they enlisted the help of the TutorHim service and so far have seen a skyrocket in Chets focus on his homework.

Chet Has been having problems with his math homework and Maia Evon has come over again this week to help him figure out the correct formula. But it seems she’s interested in a different equation to the solution, the solution being his hot cum all over his young washboard ab's. She starts by taking off his clothes and getting him nice and vulnerable and begins to stroke his huge hard cock. She sits him down, and makes sure she shows his balls the attention they deserve, eventually she takes him through different positions trying to get the best angle to watch his cock erupt and when he does she is so satisfied and he, well he can’t believe his tutor has him by the balls.

Tags: CFNM, Cum On Self, Hand Job, MILF, Tattoo Inked Boy



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