Tutor Him Lesson #TH030

Scene Title: Out Of This World Handy

Release Date: October 1st, 2020

Models: Jack Lowe, Jae Lin


Jack Lowe has been having a lot of issues with the solar system in science class, he just can't seem to align his thoughts as much as the planets. Thankfully his mom scheduled a tutor for him while she was away on business, and today is Miss. Jae Lin's starts by going over some star information and can tell that Jack just isn't able to retain the information, she decided to rub his shoulders a bit. Next thing he knows, his shirt is off and she is caressing his hard cock through his jeans. She sits him down and attempts to relax him, he is unsure at first, but soon loves what she is doing to his cock... one inch at a time. He can’t control his excitement and she loves just how much she can make him quiver with just the touch of her finger. He is still unsure but abides all of her requests.. usually to remove another article of clothing. But once those pants come off, she cannot contain herself, she has to have that load and nothing will stop her. She idolizes his huge cock and strokes him in so many different positions, never forgetting to play with his balls. Then she lays him on his back on the table and gives him the BIG BANG he has been searching for!

Tags: Ball Play, Big Dick, Brunette Girl, CFNM, Cum On Self, Hand Job, Tattoo Inked Girl



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