Raunchy Bastards #RB165

Scene Title: Felon With Bills To Pay

Release Date: January 5th, 2021

Model(s): Clay, Patrick Gentry


Patrick Gentry has always been one of my favorites. It's too bad that he always seems to be in a bad way. That said, inbetween his stints in corrections, I try to help him out. He's always eager to please, that's for sure. He's the kind of rough trade that all rough trade should aspire to be.

In this session, his ass was already pretty sore from when I fucked him two nights before, but that doesn't mean he didn't make a good effort. What excited me most about this afternoon, though, was how horny he was. He seemed genuinely glad to have my erotic attention, and when he blew his load, he blew buckets! I wasn't able to get it in proper enough to cum inside him, however, and so he drained my pole with exceptional skill, swallowing most of my load like a pro. If you don't know at least one felon with bills to pay, you should try to meet one.

Tags: *Daddy Cam*, Ass Play / Fingering, Blowjob, Cum in Mouth, Cum Swallowing, Daddy / Younger, Gay 4 Pay, Hand Job, Private Encounter, Rimming, Rough Trade



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