Raunchy Bastards #300

Scene Title: Whatever It Takes To Make It

Release Date: November 24th, 2020

Model(s): Clay, Tyler Blue


Although I had talked a bit with Tyler Blue about doing gay4pay porn, he was fairly adamant about sticking with the ladies. The good news is that "fairly adamant" never means no. In fact, when you're dealing with a good looking teen, especially one who is both a) a people pleaser and b) unemployed, it usually means yes. When I finally met him in person, I couldn't contain my excitement, and I also got a very "anything goes" vibe from him. He was just so optimistic and cheerful. I figured it would be a breeze to at least cop a feel, but I got way more than I hoped.

During the photos, he was in a great mood, and so was I. And you can bet that I made sure to cop a feel a few times just to see if there would be any hesitation on his part. At first, I moved his leg for him into a slightly different position. Then I helped him adjust the bulge in his underwear. Although he looked a bit concerned, it was nothing that I hadn't overcome before. Once he was completely nude, I made a grab for his cock and he moved his hand away in order to let me stroke him. He went from a slight chub to rock hard in a matter of seconds, and from that point on I just knew that I was going to get my dick wet that afternoon.

I adjusted myseld behind him in order to give him a better reach around and maassage his shoulders a bit (but also so that he could feel my raging boner against his backside). After some nice stroking and some oohs and ahhs from him, I caressed his chin and moved his face toward mine. He kissed me, and that pretty much let me know that I could do whatever I wanted to him. Thusly, my tongue was poking around inside his pink teenage hole just a few moments later. From all indications, he loved it. He says that he had never been rimmed before, not even by one of his many former girlfriends. Can you imagine that? Leaving that beautiful boy pussy un-tasted is practically a crime in my book.

Well, after a way-too-long rim job, I asked him to suck my cock, and WOW! Before he even put his lips around my dick, I knew that it was going to be good. All of the sudden he had this slutty daddy-pleasing look on his face. Then he licked my pole. Then he went down on it. Maybe he'd thought about sucking dick before, or maybe he was just emulating the porn vids that he watches, but whatever the provenance of this spectacular knob-job, I was in seventh heaven. And I hadn't even fucked him yet! But that was definitely next.

I went in gently after a bit more salad-tossing, and he not only seemed to not mind it, I thought he might even like it. Hard to tell since he is just that kind of go-with-the-flow youngster, but it made the whole scene way hotter than most. I took my time fucking him, too, and by the time I was about to breed him, I had him screaming, whimpering, and begging me to cum inside of him. All I can say is that Tyler Blue definitely knows how to get on my good side!

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