Raunchy Bastards #174

Scene Title: Silver Daddy Breeds Curious Frat Boy

Line: Creeper Casting

Release Date: October 23rd, 2018

Models: Levi McLean, Clay


Levi McLean and I met online, after he had posted on a job board looking for porn jobs. I asked him to come in for a photo shoot, and he seemed very excited. While talking beforehand, I gathered that he was fresh out of a swank college, and that he had even been president of his fraternity. Just knowing about the frat thing, I was 99% sure that I was gonna bang him that day. It's been my experience that a frat prez is an easy lay. I don't know if it's all those hazings, or the all-male environment, or what, but they are all so curious about man sex (not to mention they have a much stronger built-in respect for authority). This definitely makes it easier to creep on a guy. Sure, they might never talk to you again and get engaged right away, but as long as you don't expect a long term fuck toy, it's definitely worth giving it a shot.

During the photo shoot, Levi was polite as can be, and also nervous. I let him use his phone to watch some videos to help him get a hard on. Once he was erect, I was definitely impressed with the size of his cock. I can imagine (and he verified) that he can do some damage with it. After making a move on him by rubbing his shoulders during a close up, I realized that this young man was going to be easy pickings. A few minutes later I grabbed him by the cock and stroked him for a bit. It wasn't five minutes later that he was stroking mine. He couldn't take his eyes off my cock, either. I knew right then and there that he was curious enough that he wanted to go further. When I motioned for him to suck me off, he was practically eager. Hot damn! Nothing better than a reach over and then some nice dome from a letter man. At that point, getting him to open that tightly puckered hole was a breeze.

When I first started working in my cock, he was clinching, but he wanted to experiment so badly that his hole soon gave way, and I even detected a smile while I was thrusting slowly in and out of his butt. We tried a few different positions, and he was very complicit in helping to find just the right one. Once he was nice and loose, then I let him have it. He sure wasn't expecting the deep fast fucking, but he put up with it just like a good bitch should. Before long, I had bred this frat boy and his hole was dripping out my jizz. Not bad for a day's work.

Tags: Casting, Creep, Bareback, Blowjob, Creampie, Cum on Ass, Daddy / Younger, Fucking, Gay 4 Pay, Hand Job, Kissing, Older Fucks Younger, Photo Shoot

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