Raunchy Bastards #184

Scene Title: "The Hard On Doesn't Mean I Like It"

Line: I Knew He Was Gay

Release Date: October 9th, 2018

Models: Jack Lowe, Mason Ridge


It's always a pleasure to have two new 18 year olds around: Jack Lowe and Mason Ridge don't disappoint. Mason is a tall, quiet skater type who is bi and enjoys almost anything sexually. He is a bit of a submissive, too. I guess Mason's submissive fantasies helped quite a bit with Jack, who is straight and hadn't messed around with guys until he came down to Florida for a much needed cash infusion. Unlike Mason, Jack talks - a lot. It could be because he was nervous about all the gay sex, but I think it's more likely a combination of that and the fact that he is carefully grooming his alpha male personality. He likes to boast, and frankly, he has a lot to boast about in the sex department.

When Jack and I first began chatting online, he sent me a few dick pics, but when I saw his cock in person I was surprised at just how big it was. Long, thick, and rock hard most of the time! Needless to say, everyone was impressed, and Jack was quite pleased with himself about it. In addition to his fine young cock, he has a nice bod, too. I especially like that bubble butt of his, but I'm going to save that obsession for another video. In this vid, Jack and Mason make out aggressively before Mason gets down to some serious cock worship. Now Mason is one of the best cocksuckers of 2018, and it was a good fit having him work Jack's cock with his skilled mouth. But Mason has other skills, too, including the ability to get pounded down with style. Jack fucks Mason every which way, and Mason ends up nutting while his hole is getting throttled. Then Jack cums in Mason's mouth to finish off the scene. Jack came buckets. Before Toby started filming, we were all in the room and Jack says to Mason that he gets hard and stays hard easily, so he didn't want Mason to think he was enjoying the gay sex just because he had a hard on. I snickered when he said that. Well, maybe it's true, and maybe he will always jizz ferociously, even if it's another dude's mouth. Time will tell!

Tags:  18 / 19, Bareback, Blowjob, Cum in Mouth, Cums Getting Fucked, Facial, First Time Gay, Fucking, Gay 4 Pay, Kissing, Rough Trade, Str8 Bait, Teen / Twink

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