Raunchy Bastards #087

Scene Title: Thug Life

Release Date: October 27th, 2020

Model(s): Jonathon Perez, Clay


Jonathon is one of those guys who when you find them, the timing needs to be just right. I guess I lucked out, because this 20 year old needed to pay for his motel room that same day, or he and his girl woulda gotten kicked out.

He was nervous as hell, which really turned me on. Oddly enough, he must have been quite turned on too, because he nutted awfully quickly. He came so fast that I'm sure he was embarassed about it. On the other hand, it gave us time enough for me to get a nice long hand job.

Although it was definitely his first time doing anything sexual with a dude, he did a great job, and I spurted all over his hands. And during the entire ordeal, the looks on his face were priceless. I could tell that the wheels in his head were just spinning out of control. It was definitely the last thing he thought he'd be doing, I am sure.

Tags: *Creeper Casting*, Daddy / Younger, First Time Gay, Gay 4 Pay, Photo Shoot, Str8 Bait



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