Raunchy Bastards #284

Scene Title: Straight Teen Sperm-Holed

Release Date: September 8th, 2020

Model(s): Cort Cameron, John Momona


John Momona is brand-spanking new. Toby and I thought it would be a great idea to pair him with a seasoned Bastard, Cort Cameron. Oh, by the way, when I say brand new, I don't just mean brand new to porn, but brand new to adulthood. He got in touch with us just a week or so after his 18th birthday, and he was begging to get involved in any way he could. Even though he is straight, he seemed fairly receptive to fucking a dude. Of course, I usually interpret that kind of enthusiasm as "gay4pay, all the way!" And he also didn't take much convincing to take it up the butt, either.

So Cort and John traded some blowjobs and got into a 69 before the real fun started. Since he is a newb, Toby let John fuck Cort first. It is definitely apparent that a) he liked it and b) he was nervous. He kept peeking at Toby for approval the entire time his dick was inside Cort. Cort, of course, has a beautiful butt and his ass feels like silk. We aren't sure that John realizes just how lucky he is to have had Cort as his first. When it came time to flip, John must have been mentally ready because he got low on his knees and offered up his teenage ass just like a seasoned slut. Cort took that as a sign to go for it, and John got barebacked good. It is extremely hot when Cort is pinning John down to the bed and Cort is mindlessly thrusting deep, just simply enjoying himself.

Cort does eventually flip John over, and as he holds John's legs in the air, he continues to pound away. John seemed quite into it, and by that time had stopped looking over at Toby so much. His hole must have been sore, though, because for a first timer, he sure was taking a thrashing. Cort finally relented and blew his load all over John's blown-out boy cunt. But - Cort shoved his cock in again for several more strokes. Toby asked John how it felt to have a dude's spermies swimming around inside him. I almost lost it when he asked that question, and although John laughed it off, it probably left him with a lot to think about after he counted his money and headed home.

Tags: *I Knew He Was Gay*, 18 / 19, Bareback, Blowjob, Creampie, Cum on Ass, First Time Gay, Gay 4 Pay, Kissing, Str8 Bait, Teen / Twink, Virgin Cherry Pop



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