Raunchy Bastards #254

Scene Title: Cali Cums

Release Date: July 28th, 2020

Model(s): Cali


When I met Cali it was a bit unclear to me whether he was living on the streets or just highly mobile young man. We corresponded via text after I had met him online, and he was interested in getting into the porn biz. He sent me some dick pics, and I was pretty impressed, so I invited him over to jerk off. Well, the morning of, he went radio silent, and I thought that I had lost him. However, a few days later, he hit me up again. I offered to pick him up since he was in a town about 15 minutes away, but he got quite sketchy about where he was physically located. Apparently, as we were texting each other, he was walking northward on a sidewalk along a major highway. Since I knew the area, once I figured out the area he was in, I told him I'd meet him in twenty minutes in a grocery store parking lot that I was familiar with. Sure enough, he was there.

The ride back to my place was awkward to say the least. I'm pretty sure that he thought that he was about to be kidnapped. His mind was only set at ease once we started doing some photos. Although he was still very quiet, he did have a gorgeous smile when he cracked it, and his body was impressive, especially his butt. His cock, however, was great as well: Rock hard, perfectly shaped, and ready to nut. Nut, he did, too.

Afterward, I drove back down a little further from the area in which I picked him up, and he asked if I would drop him off at a certain fried chicken fast food restaurant. As I pulled out after letting him go, he was furiously texting someone. I hope he eventually got to where he was going.

Tags: Photo Shoot, Rough Trade, Solo



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