Raunchy Bastards #278

Scene Title: Daddy Gets First Dibs

Release Date: July 7th, 2020

Model(s): Clay, Patrick Raposa


I filmed this the same day I met Patrick Raposa. He flew in from up north. Don't ask me how, but apparently he was a virgin (with both guys and girls). Now, he had had his dick sucked before, but that was the extent of it. While he admitted that he might be Bi, I wasn't exactly sure how any of this would pan out. I thought that maybe he was a virgin because he had a lot of issues he hadn't dealt with, and I was not a little worried that he might freak the fuck out if I tried anything on him. Happily for this old geezer, it was almost the opposite. This poor young man, only 18 for a month and a half, had so much sexual frustration pent up that making a move on him was like turning on a water hose.

Anyways, I took some pictures of him, and got him acclimated to being naked in a crowded room, then I grabbed his cock. He has a nice cock, although his hard on was up and down. I think that each time he actually thought about what he was doing, he got a little nervous, but then the hormones kicked in agian and he was raging. Well, he did seem to like it when I was stroking his smooth young dick. And when I grabbed his hand and wraopped it around my cock, he seemed to like that, too. The rest was easy.

By the time I was done with him, he had had his ass eaten, a small toy and a dildo shoved up his virgin hole, and his mouth loaded up with a large stream of daddy jizz. When we were finished, he was all smiles. And he didn't seem to mind the cum in his mouth at all. In fact, I think this horny bastard loved it. I am definitely looking forward to seeing what other new tricks Patrick has in his bag.

Tags: *Creeper Casting*, 18 / 19, Ass Play / Fingering, Blowjob, Cum in Mouth, Cum Swallowing, Daddy / Younger, Dildo / Toys, First Time Gay, Gay 4 Pay, Photo Shoot, Rimming, Teen / Twink



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