Raunchy Bastards #268

Scene Title: Spit Fucked Teenage Ranch Hand

Release Date: April 7th, 2020

Model(s): Bentley Lane, Clay, Jack Andram


Jack Andram is a fun young man to hang around. In fact, his first time out, he went camping with Rocky and me for a few days. So he was definitely comfortable around all of us. He felt even better when I flew in an acquaintance of his, Bentley Lane. It's a small world - Bentley and I had chatted before, but for some reason or another I never got to meet him. Jack called him up, though, and then we got him on the next flight out. When he landed, and after having talked a bit with Bentley, I knew for sure that we were going to end up having a fun threesome. Bentley is twisted (in a good way). And although he lives with his girlfriend, he is well versed in the ways of gay4pay. In fact, he gets almost as much of a thrill at turning young boys out as I do. I definitely got the drift that Jack had somewhat of a man cruch on Bentley, and that combined with Jack's need to please, made me decide to have an all out "Use the Teen" night.

Now, Jack really is a ranch hand. He has Texas written all over him. And he professes to be straight, too. That said, he sure has a fascination with his hole. Now, I'm not going to opinionize on his sexuality. All I'm really concerned about is that Bentley and I were basically able to use Jack as a human pocket pussy for almost an hour, and he got fucked in almost every position imaginable. While getting fucked, he also most of the time had a cock in his mouth. And although we did use a wee bit of lube, we definitely used more spit than lube, so I'd stretch as far to say that he was spit-fucked. Especially after like the 6th position, Bentley and I just spit on our dicks, or on his hole, and pounded away at his little straight boy twat.

Of course, before the fucking we got a good rimming in. Jack's hole is so pretty, both before and after (and during). Even during the rimming, I was pulling my face out of his butt cheeks just to admire his cunt. And even after quite a bit of wear and tear, it was still going strong. Halfway through it was perfectly gaping, and we got some good long shots of that. And even around the end of the session, it wasn't quit smooth around the edges but it was pulsing, as if begging for more dick.

I'll run by the ending for you: Bentley fucked him good one last time, and while I was stroking Jack's dick, Bentley nutted all over Jack's hole. Still stroking Jack, I licked Bentley's cum off of Jack's delicious puckered asshole. Then almost immediately, Jack came. He must have liked th scene. Since I was the only one who hadn't nutted yet, I had Jack give me some more head, and then he straddled me. I fucked him very rapidly until I came inside him. There he was, with a fully seeded ass, and all he could say was that he hoped he would do better next time. I just love the eager to please guys like Jack!

Tags: *Teen Fucktoy Project*, 18 / 19, Ass Play / Fingering, ATM (Ass to Mouth), Bareback, Blowjob, Creampie, Cum Swallowing, Cum Whore, Daddy / Younger, Fucking, Gay 4 Pay, Kissing, Older Fucks Younger, Rimming, Spitroast, Str8 Bait, Teen / Twink, Threesome / 3-Way



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