Raunchy Bastards #213

Scene Title: Daddy Breeds Moaning Teen

Release Date: February 4th, 2020

Model(s): James Dawn, Clay


James Dawn is an example of the perfect nineteen year old in terms of fuckability. There's a mixture of sweetness and bad boy in him, and there's an excitement about him, too, because you never know which one you are going to get. He had been eager to see me, and finally, I had an hour free. I asked him to come over. He showed up right on time for once, and what transpired was an award winning fuck.

The great thing about James is that he gets turned on easily, and just making out can bring out the tiger in him. Before I knew it, he was rock hard. We swapped blow jobs on the couch. When he finally put his beautiful lips around my dick, it was like being in heaven. Even though he lives with his girl, this guy knows his way around a cock. As a matter of fact, I almost came while he was working my pole with his mouth. I resisted, however, because I already knew that his other hole was ten times better.

When I finally stuck my dick in him, it was like a switch was flipped. Of all of his erogenous zones, his prostate is the most sensitive, and as my cock spread open his hole, it was as if another person entirely was on the couch there with me. He gets fucked with such abandon: it's incredible. He rode my dick so good I think I could have stayed right there forever feeling that feeling.

Well, we fucked in several positions, and he kissed me passionately while I was dicking him down. When I finally bred his teen ass, I was going hard and deep, and he was moaning loudly with pleasure. With my load deep inside him, I pulled out. When I did, a huge smile crossed his face. It's as if he was the happiest boy in the world right at that moment. Yea, of course I know that it could have all been an act, but if it was, it was definitely Oscar worthy. James is a sex machine beyond compare.

Tags: 18 / 19, Bareback, Blowjob, Creampie, Cum Whore, Daddy / Younger, Fucking, Gay 4 Pay, Kissing, Older Fucks Younger, Private Encounter, Rimming, Rough Trade, Teen / Twink



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