Raunchy Bastards #192

Scene Title: Wyoming Boy Goes Full Brokeback

Release Date: January 21st, 2020

Model(s): Clay, Trevor Hardman


I first met Trevor Hardman some time ago, and he has since done many vidoes for me, and I've fucked him as often as I get a chance. He doesn't like it, but it doesn't take much prodding. This scene was captured literally an hour after I met him for the very first time, and documents his cherry popping. It was actually quite something to behold, and one of the reasons I've had Trevor around a lot since.

We met over the Internet, and he was eager to get into the porn industry. So eager, in fact, that he and his best buddy had driven from Wyoming to Las Vegas in order to become pornstars. He was full of exciting dreams of fucking bitches for a living, and I'm sure Vegas would be one hell of a place to be rolling in all the money he expected to make. Alas, Vegas turned out to be a desert for him. By the time we chatted, Trevor was spending week 2 living out of his car (both him and his friend), and he hadn't gotten any work in porn yet. I told him to come to Florida for an audition, and hinted at the money he could make. Well, given his circumstances, it didn't take him long to get on the plane. It was a short trip, frankly because I didn't have high hopes for him. So, given the lack of time, he got off of the five hour flight, and after we were back to my pad, he took a shower. Then I told him we were doing a photo set.

He has a naturally rugged body, and I can definitely see him working in lumber mills, or on a ranch. What I couldn't forsee, however, was that he is so open to having sex with other guys. He's very comfortable in his own skin, and he has a high sex drive, so it works out well for him. He had no trouble getting a hard on for the camera, and his hard on lasted pretty much until he came. The only time he got a little nervouse was when I was fingering around his asshole, which was definitely a first for him. But once my tongue was inside that hole, his hardon sprang back to life.

We traded BJs and he was good at that, too! Who knew? But the real test lay with prying open his virgin hole. Let me tell you, it didn't take much prying. Just a lot of lube and some patience. I did manage to get my cock inside him finally, and I instructed him to jerk off as I thrusted in and out of his newly minted fuck hole. I was expecting to fuck him for quite a while and then have him nut when I was finished, but he got so excited he blew a massive load all over himself. I was astounded and very happy. It's rare enough to find a dude who stays hard while he is getting fucked, but for a straight virgin to cum with a thick dick in his ass, that's downright precious. Needless to say, it worked out well for him, and for me, too. He managed to get into a place and out of his car, and I found a great new straight boy to have a lot of fun with.

Tags: *Creeper Casting*, Bareback, Blowjob, Cums Getting Fucked, Daddy / Younger, First Time Gay, Fucking, Gay 4 Pay, Older Fucks Younger, Photo Shoot, Rimming, Rough Trade, Str8 Bait, Virgin Cherry Pop



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