Raunchy Bastards #242

Scene Title: Anal Time With Daddy

Release Date: November 19th, 2019

Model(s): Chris Colt, Clay, Mikey Allens


I've been fucking Mikey Allens a lot lately, and to tell you the truth, I never tire of it. His ass is pure gold, and his attitude is even better. What a sex kitten! Chris Colt, on the other hand, I haven't had the opportunity to see often. I was pretty hyped to know that Mikey and Chris would be in town at the same time, so I asked both of them to come over for some threeway fun. In the meanwhile, I thought about all the ways we could have a banging time. I wasn't surprised that Mikey was into the idea of an anal sandwich. After all, he is a kinky mother fucker, and since he can fuck just as well as get fucked, he is the perfect candidate.

Both of these young studs are passionate, and when we all began making out and sucking dick, the energy just grew and grew. I have to admit that even though I love Mikey's hole, I at first focused my attention on Chris. I'd never eaten his ass out before and I wanted to taste his pussy while I had the chance. Man, is it delicious! I tongued on Chris's asshole while he was continuing to suck Mikey off, and then I lubed up my cock and slid it inside. Chris is a hot guy to fuck, and he is just the right amount of tightness to have all of the pleasure and none of the impatience. Mikey was revved up watching me fuck Chris, and getting his cock sucked, so I in turn gave Mikey a crack at Chris's fine hole.

Since I obviously wanted to fuck both of them, I gave Chris a break from the spit roasting and got behind Mikey, rubbing my dick on his butt. You can tell in the video that he wants it deep inside him, and before long, it was. I fucked Mikey while Mikey sucked off Chris, and then Chris offered up his already lubed up hole to Mikey while I was still fucking him. We continued in a sandwich with Mikey in the middle, and had a great fuck right up until Mike nutted inside Chris. While Mikey was thrusting into Chris, the feeling of his sphincter on my dick is almost indescribable. If you've never fucked a dude who is fucking a dude, try it. As the caboose on the train, you feel every thrust as a smooth, pulsating squeeze all around your cock. It's amazing.

Well, with Chris freshly bred, he pulled out and we helped him cum. When he did, Mikey - who was still getting fucked - slurped up almost all of Chris's jizz. Then I pulled out and dumped my own load in his mouth. With Mikey's mouth layered with the film of both Chris's and my jizz, he and Chris snowballed to make a perfect ending to an incredible bareback fuck!

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