Raunchy Bastards #219

Scene Title: Please Breed Me, Daddy

Release Date: July 16, 2019

Model(s): Clay, Sean Rodney


It didn't take long after first chatting Sean up online to get him over to my place. Frankly, I was surprised what an easy catch he was. I thought for sure he wouldn't want to do everything I wanted him to. I suppose this just goes to show that sometimes the stars are aligned just the right way. Looking back, I can see now that he was curious as fuck about some daddy sex, and I came around at just the right time.

His curiosity, however, didn't necessarily translate into eagerness. I had to open my wallet some to get him, of course. And he was nervous - very nervous. That said, it was like the tension was building and building from the time he stepped foot in the house until that first kiss, and from then on he pretty easily followed directions and did a good job of letting me deflower his hole. He loved, absolutely loved, getting his hole rimmed. And he has a great hole, too. That delicate pink contrasts nicely with his alabaster skin. I could have had my tongue up his butt for hours. His cock sucking wasn't the best, but I've had a lot worse. It seems his secret fantasy revolved around his butthole a lot more than around another dude's dick. In fact, even after fucking him and breeding him, I would definitely call him more straight than anything else. He likes chicks but doesn't mind a good dicking down, I get that. I'm just glad I was the one to pop his beautiful cherry.

We tried a number of positions, and it was easy peasy to get my thick cock in there in every position. I'm pretty sure he has had a toy in there at least a few times before. But my favorite part was just tagging him from behind while my arms were wrapped tightly around his chest. This guy doesn't mind being submissive in the right situation. In fact he was hard most of the time he was getting banged, until the end I think his ass got sore and he wasn't able to nut (although I asked him if he wanted to. I usually don't give a shit but since he had a hard on and he is a nice guy, I thought I'd offer.) Well, I sure as hell came, and I jizzed a lot deep in his sexy hole. It was a very fulfilling session. For both of us, I believe!

Tags: Hidden Cam, Bareback, Blowjob, Creampie, Daddy / Younger, First Time Gay, Fucking, Gay 4 Pay, Older Fucks Younger, Private Encounter, Rough Trade, Virgin Cherry Pop



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