Raunchy Bastards #048

Scene Title: Straight And Never Been Touched

Release Date: July 2nd, 2019

Model(s): Charlie Bronson, Clay


One of my favorite parts of being a brazen perv is being fortunate enough to be the first man to touch a straight guy sexually. Sure, a lot have fooled around before, but poverty and dreams afflict everyone equally, so it's fairly often that a completely inexperienced guy will walk through the door. Sometimes it's the lure of getting into the porn business in order to bang hot chicks. For others, it is money. Some truly are curious, and they feel like they need a justification to enjoy themselves with another dude. It doesn't matter what the reason, once they are in a "casting" session with me, they are bound to be grabbed, stroked, and more.

Charlie Bronson first was introduced to me by a friend I had been filming. They were both in a halfway house together. Not roommates, but apparently fairly good friends. They shared a few things in common besides having landed in rehab - namely, they were both from up north, and they both had relatively minor problems compared to some of their house mates. Charlie noticed his buddy was buying nice things and seemed to have a lot of cash, and he asked how he got it. Fortunately for me, his friend was truthful about it, and Charlie was surprised but not repulsed. Charlie himself was no slouch - he did have a part time job juicing smoothies for yuppies. He didn't make much, but it got him away from the house. After quiet deliberation, Charlie asked for my number and shot me a text.

I explained to Charlie that I could probably get him some work but that I wanted him to try out. He said he understood and at the appointed time I called him a ride share. When he arrived I noticed what a tall guy he really was. He had played football, and it showed, too. I asked him about his sex life, and it sounded pretty boring. Since he had been in the halfway house his sex life was pretty non-existent. When I finally had him get out of his clothes, he pulled up some porn on the laptop and began stroking his dick. It was big! He definitely has a great cock. I filmed him jerking off for quite some time, and then I made a move, grabbing it and slowly stroking it. You know, it's funny when you touch a straight guy for the first time. The look on their face! The guy is usually looking at your hand on their cock as if it were some rare creature that had just landed from outer space. Whatever was actually going through Charlie's head, it was obvious that he was enjoying it.

I made myself comfortable behind him, alternatively rubbing his head and shoulders while I jerked him off. He continued to watch the porn, but I'm sure he felt my boner throbbing on his back through my shorts. It must not have phased him, (or he furtively liked it), because as I continued to stroke him he came. When he finally jizzed, he jizzed a lot, too! It spurted out over and over, all onto his belly and pubic area, as well as my hand. He seemed non-plussed about having just gotten off from a man giving him a handie, and he was all smiles when it was over. Of course, over time he would move on to do a lot more in terms of gay sex. But with these guys there are always some baby steps to give them a nudge in the right direction. "Straight and never been touched" isn't too far away from "legs in the air."

Tags: Gay Casting, Casting Couch, Daddy / Younger, First Time Gay, Gay 4 Pay, Hand Job, Str8 Bait



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