Raunchy Bastards #187

Scene Title: 18, Passionate, & Dripping With Cum

Release Date: April 23rd, 2019

Model(s): Jack Lowe, Clay


This 18 year old seems to have the perfect combination of performance skills and greed. There isn't much Jack won't do for some dough, but thankfully, unlike a lot of guys, he actually puts on an amazing show. He showed up promptly, and after we exchanged pleasantries and other important items, it was off to the races.

Most straight guys won't kiss, or kiss reluctantly. It shows when it is half-hearted. Jack, however, seems to even like it. And he definitely got a boner from making out. I love a boy who aims to please, and Jack pleases in spades. It didn't take too long before all of our clothes were on the floor and Jack's mouth was sucking down my shaft. It was a damn good blowjob, and I gave him a proper rimming in return. I loved the fact that his cock throbbed hard with every lunge my tongue took into his love canal. He might not be that big on getting fucked (yet), but he definitely enjoys some anal play. After teasing him with the salad toss, I began to loosen him up with my dick.

Here's the thing: Jack is tight. Very tight. So I went extra slow at first. However, I was bound and determined to get to the point where I could fuck him hard enough to bust in his ass. He knew this, too. We tried a lot of different positions as his hole got more pliant, and finally I was able to get him just where I wanted him. He seemed slightly uncomfortable as I picked up the pace, but like a good little bitch he didn't clench my leg or anything of the sort. He just grabbed onto the mattress, clinched his teeth and took it like the young man he is. At that point - for me - it was smooth sailing. I was really happy to breed this teenage whore for the first time. After I pulled out, we kept making out and I rubbed my fingers around his blown out hole. It was slippery with my jizz, and more kept flowing out onto my fingers. Probably one of the best hookups I've had in years. Thanks, Jack!

Tags: Hidden Cam, 18 / 19, Bareback, Blowjob, Creampie, Daddy / Younger, Fucking, Gay 4 Pay, Kissing, Older Fucks Younger, Private Encounter, Rimming, Teen / Twink



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