Scene Title: Collaborators Will Be Fucked

Release Date: July 21st, 2021

Model(s): Jack Bailey


One of the main problems we have at the House is that all these fuckers clam up when one of their fellow residents goes astray. It's quite antithetical to the environment we are trying to create, in which everyone helps everyone, even if that includes chastising a roommate or seeking out a Manager to sort out the issue. So, when we find out that someone has knowledge of an infraction, that person gets as much of a shellacking as the perpetrator does. In this case, it was obvious that this little shit knew what was going on with his roomie, and he chose not to tell us about it. Well, he had it coming.

Can't say that I didn't mind giving him the "special" treatment. This guy has an awesome toned lean bod, a tongue of silver, and a hole that feels just perfect (when it's getting stuffed with a thick cock). So, he started out sucking my pole, but after a while I knew it was time for some fucking. Luckily, this guy is super flexible, so you can fuck him in lots of different positions. I started out with him in a fetal position, so that I could get a great look at his hole and asscheeks as my dick split into him. Damn! It was a warm, inviting hole to be sure. I kept fucking him, but unlike some, the more I fucked him the better it felt - his hole grabbing onto my cock as if it kept wanting more.

I fucked him in a few more positions, and I didn't really want to stop, but eventually my dick couldn't stand it anymore and I just had to dump my load inside of him. Although he was pathetic, and a liar, and cowardly, all I have to say is that if all the residents were like him, my cock would be raw 24/7.

Tags: Bareback, Creampie, Fucking, Older/Younger, POV, Slapping

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