Scene Title: Sooner Or Later You Pay

Release Date: June 21st, 2021

Model(s): TJ Hughes


This resident has a heap of problems, and he is causing us problems here at the House. Firstly, he hasn't paid rent in a few weeks. Secondly, he is completely out of control. Luckily for us, we have some tricks up out sleeve that helps us ensure "compliance." It's a painful process for most, but it sure does the trick. I confronted him about the rent, and all I got was a stupid grin, so I whipped my cock out and put his hand on it. That sure wiped the smile off of his face. After getting me hard, I maade sure to give him a nice throat massage with my cock. Actually, I have to say he wasn't that bad. I've seen his rap sheet, so I can imagine that he is probably well versed in giving oral favors in exchange for the items he wants. So there's that. His butthole, on the other hand, was a whole different story.

This fucker was tight - tighter than most - at first. But I could also sense that he has a high tolerance for discomfort. After all, I'm pretty sure he has some kind of nerve compromise after all the party favors he's done over the course of his short life. So, in the end he ended up just being my personal cum rag for the afternoon. After getting his hole opened up in missionary, I made sure to get him on his knees. From there I could admire his nice bubble butt, and it sure was nice to grab ahold of while I was stretching out his anus. Sure, he was groaning and moaning, but I didn't think much of it. All I cared about was getting my rocks off at that point. He's not too big of a guy, so once I got him in a nice hold, I was able to dump my semen into him pretty easily. All in all, I definitely think he'll be more fastidious about paying rent, at least until next week. But he will pay, sooner or later. One way or another.

Tags: Bareback, Blowjob, Creampie, Cum on Ass, Fucking, Older/Younger, POV, Str8

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