Boys Halfway House Incident #285

Scene Title: Paying His Dues

Release Date: December 21st, 2020

Resident(s)/Model(s): Tyler Blue


There are times in his life when a young man comes to the realization that he must stop shirking his responsibilities and become self-sufficient. This resident has yet to come to this point. Worse yet, he doesn't seem to be remotely interested in the things normal adults do: get a job, build a savings, pay the bills. Luckily for him, we House Managers are here to help. Luckily for us, getting this boy in line is a sheer pleasure.

It's not uncommon for the pretty ones to have fewer brain cells than the rest of us, but that usually makes them a lot more pliable. They are given to performance and approval-seeking, stemming from bouts of low self-esteem. The funniest thing is, though, that after a good lesson or two, and despite their best intentions, guys like this resident get sidetracked by the shinier things in life, and once again perform sub-par. Well, after shirking rent for several weeks, it was time for this one to pay his dues.

His beautiful green eyes sure looked good whilst he was staring up at me and on his knees, but I am not going to lie - those lips around my cock were the best. I could tell that he hadn't sucked dick much if at all in his life, but he knew he was in trouble, and he was calling me "Sir." The urge to please kicked in and he gave it his best shot. Such a young 18 year old, and this resident is well on his way to becoming the House favorite, just from the way he looks at you for approval while he has your dick halfway down his throat. That straight boy hole interested me far more, though, and when I ordered him to lift his legs, he revealed to me a stunning boy cunt. I dabbed some lube on his fingers and asked him to rub around his hole for me while I watched him. He knew what was coming but didn't seem too scared. Perhaps he was curious?

It didn't take me as long to loosen him up as some, but it wasn't exactly sliding right in at first. However, once I got a good pace going, it was off to the races. I fucked him good on his back, and then had him roll over to get a superb view of his butt. It's a nice athletic butt - almost perfect. My cock felt great stretching out his hole, and with every stroke his gape was getting bigger. When I finally pulled out to take a look, and he was spreading his teenage cheeks for me, I saw the most beautiful pink pussy just wide eyed and waiting for more.

Even though it seems he has been slacking somewhat on his workouts, I was very surprised that he was able to ride my dick with such verve. This young man has some stamina! In fact, he rode me for way longer than most would before wearing out. But even as his legs began to shake, I told him to keep going, and he sure did. He slid up and down on my pole until he literally sucked the cum up and out into his awaiting ass, and as he collapsed onto the bed, I still had jizz streaming out of my cock as the rest streamed out of his hole. He smiled, which was a relatively odd reaction. But then again, like I said, he's eager to please, which makes him one of the best residents to have.

Tags: 18/19, Ass Play / Fingering, Bareback, Blowjob, Creampie, Fucking, Older/Younger, POV, Slapping, Spit in Mouth, Virgin



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