Boys Halfway House Incident #286

Scene Title: Breed Him Right

Release Date: December 11th, 2020

Resident(s)/Model(s): Noah Reed


It always amazes me that guys who have had a relatively decent upbringing can fall so low as to end up in a place such as out humble Halfway House. Sure, the former fostered guys, and the guys from bad homes, or the guys with crack head parents - it's no surprise that they are where they are. But two parent household, nice house and school district growing up? What the hell are these young men thinking when they throw that all away?

Maybe some people are just meant to be delinquents and whores. That said, at least even the delinquents and whores can scrounge up enough dough each week to pay their House rent. Street smarts always seem to include the ability to come up with a wad of cash, even if it's at the last moment, and even if that wad was ill-gotten. This pitiful suburban wasteland reject, though, like so many of his ilk can't seem to get a job or figure out any other way to pay rent. I suppose that's what happens when everything is fed to you on a platter.

So, instead of just another day at the House, instead this guy got a real treat. In order for him to understand his place (that of a no good whore), I had to put him through the ringer. Now I must admit that he seems to suck cock fairly well already, so we were definitely off to a good start. He didn't seem to like it much, but at least he did what was required of him. That ass, on the other hand: what a beautiful bubble butt to behold! It was tight, and opening it up was amazing. I started him off on his knees, like a dog, and worked my cock inside of him. By the time I had him flipped over, it was smooth sailing. My dick was pumping in and out at a fast clip, and with every stroke his hole was feeling better.

After such a great loosen-up, I figured it was time for him to learn to ride it. He started off hesitantly, but soon he got the swing of it. And I had him scared so shitless that even once his legs were so tired that they were about to give way, he just kept going. I suppose this guy has some grit and work ethic after all! I'm glad I could help him find it! I had him turn around and keep pumping as he rode my dick reverse. It gave me a great chance to admire his ass while I got close to breeding him. He kept plugging away, too, until finally I let loose a massive load of jizz, just meant for him.

He hopped off my cock, and with a big stream of cum streaming out of his ass, he looked shell-shocked as I told him to get me my money by the end of the day. I guess that he just needs to learn that not only is work sometimes difficult, but the work never ends, either.

Tags: Ass Play / Fingering, Bareback, Creampie, Fucking, POV, Slapping



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