Boys Halfway House Incident #239

Scene Title: Jimmy That Ass Open

Release Date: November 1st, 2019

Resident(s)/Model(s): Chris


Across the board, and throughout history, work has been considered an essential part of being a successful person in the community at large. This applies no matter religious beliefs or political ideology. Marx said, "The nobility of man shines upon us from their work-hardened bodies." Reagan said, "I learned that hard work is an essential part of life—that by and large, you don’t get something for nothing." Unfortunately for youngsters today, I don't think the educational system teaches the value of work from whatever perspective. It's all gimme, gimme, gimme, tossed in with a handful of mindless pursuits and worthless substances. So us House Managers have a mountain to climb with each and every resident - tearing down their ill-conceived notions of entitlement and replacing it with respect and work ethic. This resident is a perfect case in point.

He is in the House because he is a loser, and yet he continues in his old ways. To wit, he smokes things he shouldn't, and whiles the day away doing jack-shit. Well, you can't pay for rent by sitting on a couch and grinding up leaves, and you can't contribute to society either. He needed to be taught a stronger lesson than that afforded by the group meetings, for sure. Unluckily for him, my buddy who was on shift on that day has one of the fattest cocks this side of the Suwannee.

Even though various House Managers had been using this loser's ass as a jizz receptacle since the moment he began living here, he hadn't ever had his hole stretched to the extent it was this day. And it took my buddy a while to get him to take it, too. But unlike our residents, we always work hard to get the job done. So of course this resident's hole was indeed stretched all out of whack and he got fucked good. Maybe now he will see the light? After all, if the first course of punishment doesn't work, you have to keep upping the ante. Maybe when he was sitting there afterward with a sore cunt and a jizz slimed mouth he was thinking about maybe getting a job? Time will tell.

Tags: Bareback, Blowjob, Cum in Mouth, Fucking, Slapping, Verbal



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