Boys Halfway House Incident #177

Scene Title: Rode Hard & Put Away Wet

Release Date: April 11th, 2018

Resident(s): Corwin (Corwin Presley)


It's one thing to try and sneak in past curfew, or forget to do chores because you're a lazy fuck, but to brazenly disregard some very fundamental rules relating to recovery will get a resident in some deep trouble. In this fuckwad's case, his trouble got very deep indeed. No matter that he is on probation for illicit substances; no matter that he has failed rehab twelve times in as many years: this guy actually went out to a quack doctor and got a legit script for the exact thing we are trying to wean him off of. Of course, he did this without any prior permission or consent.

This clown move, trying to pull a fast one over on us House Managers doesn't go down well. After getting ahold of his contraband, I confronted him and flushed it down the toilet. Then, I let him have it. I haven't relished face fucking a resident so much in a long time, but this jerk had it coming to him. Hell, I didn't even care about the occasional tooth scrape. I wanted to pound the back of his throat so hard that he would know it the next time he took a drink or tried swallowing. But the real fun began when I had him lube up my cock and stick it in. This guy's hole felt great, too. But it felt even better when I was slam fucking that hole like it was a whack-a-mole at the county fairgrounds. Damn, did this fucker gape, too. His ass took such a pounding that is was crimson red and wide enough to fit a baseball into almost. The whole time, he just laid there and took it, grimacing from while to while, but overall just getting his cunt worked over and barely feeling a thing. That's what said contraband will do to a resident: numb to life, numb to getting treated like a common whore.

Well, the nice thing is that he is in decent enough shape that after I dicked him down both in doggie and on his stomach, he at least had some strength to ride my dick like a carousel horse on overdrive. Up and down, up and down - this guy can take a pounding, and I loved every minute of the recovery session. He looked scared, too. I think that he thought I might call his P.O. I might have, but a fuck toy like this is too precious to hand over to the County. And just to prove his worth, he hopped off of my dick and deep-throated it, licking every spare drop of lube and ass juice off with a relish usually only seen by sex crazed porn starlets. Hot damn!

Maybe he just thought that if he blew me to completion I wouldn't fuck him any longer. On this point he was wrong, though, because after he got a good taste of his own ass juice, I laid him over on the bed and went as deep and as hard as I could until I had dumped a big load of babies deep inside his sorry hole. This fucker...

When I was done with him, I slapped him around and just left him there to think about his life. I don't have a lot of hope that his thoughts were fruitful, but hey, everyone can have an epiphany, can't they? Until that point comes, he'll just be stunned and shell shocked every time he breaks the rules. As an old buddy of mine said about his philly once: "Rode hard and put away wet." Yep, that pretty much explains this washed up tweaker.

Tags: Ass Play / Fingering, Ass To Mouth, Bareback, Blowjob, Creampie, Finger Sucking, Fucking, Older/Younger, POV, Slapping, Spitting

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