Boys Halfway House Incident #267

Scene Title: Old Habits Die Hard

Release Date: August 1st, 2020

Resident(s)/Model(s): Peter Quillen


We are all creatures of habit, and in some ways this a very good thing. Habits can keep us safe, sane, and healthy. Some of us, though, go astray and develop habits that are quite injurious. Case in point is this resident. He is a blowhard who has a complete disdain for authority and who also seems to have some sort of attention deficit issue. He can't stop from breaking the rules, no matter how hard we try to correct him.

After several failed attempts at rehabilitation, I gave him the full treatment. We shall see if that works. Whether it does work or not, I can definitely tell you that he is at least useful at getting my dick wet. He sucks a decent cock, and he has a nice young runner's body that makes him a pleasure to fuck. Once he was down on his knees, he paid full attention to making sure my cock was not only hard, but glimmering with his saliva. His eyes became trained on mine, and he did a fantastic job. I couldn't wait to get into his hole. To tell you the truth, it wasn't difficult to fuck him. It was fairly easy. I didn't like his attitude about it, however, and I spit on him a few times while I was fucking him just so he would dislike the situation even more. Some people, unfortunately, need to be treated like pieces of crap in order to get the message.

After fucking him on his back and doggie style, his red hole was gaping. It sure did look blown out! I loved fucking his hole because it not only felt good, but I felt that we were finally making progress. I could tell that he would probably be getting with the program in order to avoid future sessions. And just to make sure, I unloaded a huge nut directly into his mouth, where I let it simmer, in order for him to get the full taste - and aftertaste - of my jizz. Old habits do die hard, but if we try enough, and often, just sometimes we can get these guys on the right path.

Tags: Ass Play / Fingering, Bareback, Blowjob, Cum in Mouth, Cum Swallowing, Finger Sucking, Fucking, POV, Slapping, Spitting



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