Boys Halfway House Incident #264

Scene Title: Maintain Vocal Wriggling

Release Date: June 11th, 2020

Resident(s)/Model(s): Kobe


The one thing about residents who are slobs: it's contagious. One guy leaves his bed unmade, and sooner or later the entire House is a wreck, and everyone of these residents are slacking. Because of this, we try to approach the problems as soon as they begin, and usually a heavy handed approach works the best. With this one, it sure did the trick.

The nice thing about this 19 year old is that he has such a boy-next-door face and a nice lean smooth bod. It definitely made it easier to castigate him than some of the others. Just having those baby blues stare up at me while he was stroking my dick - it made my day. I also could tell by the look in his eyes that this would be one good fuck. This prediction was affirmed when his lips wrapped around my shaft. Natural born cocksucker!

His hole, though, it was even better. I couldn't believe how pliable it was, and how good it felt. While I was fucking his hole raw, I made sure to spit on him, just so that he knew his place. And for good measure, I pulled my cock out and shoved it into his mouth before returning to he fucking. By the time I was finished with this reject, he had been squirming and wrggling all over the futon, and whimpering like a little bitch. After depositing my load deep inside his hole, I squeezed the last few drops out of my cock and flicked them into his mouth. This future cum whore would probably be more tidy in the future, that's for sure. However, thankfully there will probably be dozens of other reasons to fuck him.

Tags: 18/19, Ass Play / Fingering, Ass To Mouth, Bareback, Blowjob, Creampie, Finger Sucking, Fucking, Older/Younger, POV, Slapping, Spit in Mouth, Spitting



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