Boys Halfway House Incident #257

Scene Title: Only 20, Problems Aplenty

Release Date: June 1st, 2020

Resident(s)/Model(s): David Fly


This resident is simply a bad apple, to tell you the truth. Although he has a veneer of politeness and comes across at first as quite educated, he really is just another dude who is completely disdainful of authority, thinks nothing of the future, and is simply looking for the next thrill. He almost comes across as Doogie Howser's evil twin. This makes it complicated to help him out. At least he can help out the House Managers, though - with his mouth and ass.

The nice thing about residents who have been on the street for an extended time is that they could suck a hubcap off a wheel and think nothing of it. Not to mention that their holes are usually primed better than most for a good pounding. When I found some paraphenelia in his stuff, I knew I was in for one pleasurable session. Sure enough, although he didn't particuarly seem to relish it, he was sucking my cock like a porn star and I almost came in his mouth several times. That ass, though! The second I stuck my dick into him, it was fantastic. You see, some people you want to fuck because they are hot, and their hole might not feel that great but it doesn't matter. Some guys you fuck and it's great just because you know they don't like it. But guys like this one, the actual physical sensation of having a seasoned straight boy street hole enveloping your cock. Well, it's like a glove, except warm and moist.

I fucked this shit head like the cheap ass whore that he is, and the looks on his face were great. He wasn't sure what to think of this whole situation, you could tell. His hole, though. It was fucking gaping wider than any I had seen in a while. It's almost like it was talking to me: "Fuck me more, please." And, he had some muscle memory: While he was riding me, his legs knew exactly what to do. I had him face away from me so that I could admire his butt more, and before long he was bouncing up and down on his own accord, the way a burnt out stripper bounces her ass on stage. I wasn't even moving or thrusting myself; he was doing all the work. And it made me cum. A lot. Although we will probably kick his ass out before long, I definitely want to get a few more jabs into this fella. He's a true find.

Tags: Bareback, Blowjob, Creampie, Fucking, POV, Str8



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