Boys Halfway House Incident #233

Scene Title: Suck Me Dry Fucktard

Release Date: May 21st, 2020

Resident(s)/Model(s): Malachi


There's just something wonderful about a teen in recovery. Mostly, it's that they are bored as hell and have a lot of pent up energy. We like to funnel that energy and put it to good use. In this fucktard's case, it turned out to be a very enthusiastic blowjob. Fantastic, in fact. He was just resting on the couch, but once my cock was out of my pants, it was like a light switch had been turned on. Whether he is into dick or not, he sure did much on it with verve. But, you see, that's the other thing. This one is a people-pleaser, so you can pretty much ask him to do anything and he will try to make you happy. And now that he is stuck at the House, I guess that includes sexual favors as well as more mundane chores.

The more he sucked, the more excited I got, too. So I started pushing his limits. Wow! Before long he was deep-throating, and I was even pinching his nose and shoving his head onto my cock. His lips were soon wrapped around the base of my cock. I wanted to bust when he was on his knees looking up at me for approval as I rapped the head of my dick onto his tongue. But I waited. It was only once I saw those cock tears streaming down his cheek did I let loose a huge load into his awaiting mouth. I filled that little teenage mouth, too. This sperm bucket took it all in stride. I think he is definitely on the right track!

Tags: 18/19, Creeping, Hand Job, POV, Resident Cums, Str8



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