Boys Halfway House Incident #208

Scene Title: Fresh Teen Meat Creeped On

Release Date: May 21st, 2020

Resident(s)/Model(s): Ringo


Sometimes the best therapy is preemptive. With this resident, I just like to keep him on his toes by creeping on him, to make sure that he is as freaked out as possible. Once he was awakened, he already knew exactly what was going on. I rubbed my hands across his wrestler bod and slowly my hand edged down to his crotch. I wanted to see if we could have a little middle-of-the-night fun. Sure enough, we did.

It didn't take much for his teenage dick to be standing at full attention, and once I had stroked it for a few minutes, I whipped mine out. I applied some lube and stroked both of our dicks together. Mine is so much bigger than his, but his was just as rock hard as mine, and it felt good to me for sure, our poles rubbing together like that. Slowly bit surely, he ended up grabbing my cock, and he stroked me and us off intermittently. It was so hot watching him explore my cock with his hands. While I'm not sure what exactly he was thinking about, it must have been good, because he nutted on himself. I then shot a massive load myself. Good to know I can get a late night handie any time I want from this loser.

Tags: 18/19, Creeping, Hand Job, POV, Resident Cums, Str8



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