Boys Halfway House Incident #246

Scene Title: Gaping Cunt Filled To The Rim

Release Date: December 21, 2019

Resident(s)/Model(s): Karl Tripp


Some guys never learn, but here in the House, I would say most of them don't ever learn. In fact, I'd say that days or weeks on end without their favorite pick-me-up might even make them regress. This is why the fail rate on tests are so low. And I'm not talking about their ABCs (although most could use some help with that, too). This guy is only 19, but instead of acting like the young adult that he is, he takes everything as a joke, including his own receovery. Well, all of us House Managers, we've about had it up to here with that. He knew why I asked him into the room, but of course, he played dumb. Trust me, it wasn't a stretch for him. He barely knows how to tie his shoes.

I did find out one thing he is good for, however, and just like clockwork, I pulled out my cock and he was on it lickity split. Not because he likes dick, but anything to get him out of (more serious) trouble interests him greatly. Well, as for myself, his cocksucking skills interested me greatly. He tugged on my chub until it was hard, and from there he was on his knees pretty damn quick. And the verdict is: he is awful. At. Sucking. Dick. I guess that's why he's been a party to so much petty theft over the years. What dealer in his right mind would want a BJ from this 'tard? Once I knew the score, I thought I'd teach him a little, so that next time I needed some dome he'd be better prepared. And I think it worked a little bit. After switching on to the bed I had him going down into a proper deep throat several times. And he only almost threw up just once. By the time I wrapped my legs around his neck and held his nose, he was practically doing a fine job.

I figurerd that since he needed some work on the mouth action, he might be a dud in the ass department, too. But I was pleasantly surprised. He has a beautiful pink hole that until now was untouched. And it didn't take me long to loose him up, either! Once I got him open, he was gaping like a volcano about to spew forth lava. Damn, he had a pretty gaping ass. I love those teens whose asses can do it. And it made fucking him a real pleasure on my part. His ass felt so great that once I had him in doggie I dropped a huge nut into his cavernous cunt. I had been thinking about cumming in his mouth because I sensed his displeasure with anything in his mouth, but his ass had my pole feeling good, and when I grabbed his ass cheeks and went to town, I just had to drop my juices directly inside of him. The kicker is, that when I pulled out, his hole stayed gaping open, and there was a beautiful flood of jizz flowing out like Niagra falls. Hot damn, the teen is good for one thing, at least!

Tags: 18/19, Ass Play / Fingering, Bareback, Blowjob, Creampie, Finger Sucking, Fucking, POV, Slapping, Str8, Virgin



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