Boys Halfway House Incident #221

Scene Title: Serenity Beats Virginity

Release Date: May 21st, 2019

Resident(s)/Model(s): Emanuel (Emanuel Hendrix)


For many residents, and important part of their stay here is the group meetings. You see, us House Managers only take care of their temporal, domestic needs, and enforce the rules of civility in the House. We leave the heavy lifting to the social worker do-gooders who print the pamphlets and run the meetings where everyone says their names and admits to mistakes, past and present. Overall, the meeting help, at least temporarily, with many residents. But on occasion we get residents who don't attend regularly like they should, or who physically are present at the meetings but get zippo out of them.

This guy missed a lot of meetings, and his sponsor informed us that even when he was there, he was fidgeting with his phone or mind wandering. I was surprised he had much to think about other than the topic at hand, with as many brain cells as he had blown away over the course of his short adulthood. So, of course, I wanted to implant a memory in his head that would reinforce the importance of getting better, and going to the meetings.

Like most guys, he denied having done anything wrong, but when pressed, all he could come up with was a prayer. After he was on his knees praying, I let him stay there while I whipped my dick out. The rest was basically a fantastic sloppy blowjob. I didn't know the guy had it in him, but we all get surprised now and then. I was fairly certain his mouth would be better than his hole, but I was wrong again. Once I squeezed my thick cock into his tight cunt, he began wailing and squealing. That was a turn on for sure. Even though he wasn't feeling the moment like I was, he basically just let me have my way with him. I even spit on him and took my dick out of his ass and shoved it in his mouth. He gobbled it up like an obedient submissive. After riding me some, and learning to get good at it, I had him finish me to completion with that sweet tongue of his. He probably didn't enjoy the mouthful of jizz, but he called me "Daddy," which was funny. I guess this one just might get on the right road after all!

Tags: Ass To Mouth, Bareback, Blowjob, Cum in Mouth, Finger Sucking, Fucking, POV, Slapping, Spitting, Virgin



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